It's been a really tough year. I had to handle so many life changing and difficult situations. I feel like I grow the most this year. Cause every failure is a lesson. But on the other hand this year was full of adventures, traveling and love. I'm very thankful to all amazing people around me. They supported me in bad and good days. I'm really blessed and thankful. Hopefully next year will be more chill and successful. Wishing to all of you magical end of 2015 year and happy new 2016 year. Love you 



Model: Elina

It's a real blessing to be doing the job that you like. And I`m happy to say that I love my job. Just saw the results of the last photoshoot at the modelling school and I just can't describe how proud i am right now. Months ago when I suggested to do the very minimalistic tumblr-like photoshoot, I wasn't expecting such excellent results. Well, my fingers were crossed the whole time, but still it was a risk, because such photoshoots need a lot of modelling skills. But we did it. 

I love my Er-Models family and all my students. With my colleague we had fun while styling these students` looks. In my case it was such a pleasure to give advice not only on style, but also on makeup and posing. What a magical surprise at the ending of 2015. I think one of my goals this year was my job and my lovely students.

Model: Sandra
Photo: Oksana Truktanova
Style: Karina Lange and Margarita Gavrilova
Make-up advise: Margarita Gavrilova

Model: Elizaveta

Model: Alan

Model: Alisa

Model: Sofja

Model: Elizaveta

Model: Anna-Eva

Model: Elina

Model: Mari-Liis

Model: Eva


MTA - ühe OÜ lugu (NÖÖK)

Finally it's up!!!

Can't believe my eyes. One amazing team filmed a sketch year ago and I had a chance to do the make-up for the cast. It`s was such a pleasure to work with you guys. Team is so professional and the chill family kind of vibe was always in the air. Sad, that I couldn't join on the 2nd day of filming, but I still appreciate first days experience. 

You can see the make-up I did till the 03:50.




The bigger I grow, the more I really understand, that things I really want for christmas can`t be bought with money. I want white and frosty snow, amazing people I love the most around me, yummy food, fire in the fireplace and a good book and just a lot of cuddles. This year was one of the hardest, but now everything seems to be  slowly going into place.

Not gonna lie, I still have some present ideas on my mind. Now I`ll list the things I want to get as a christmas present. Maybe it will give some inspiration to you my dear viewers, when you are writing down your own wishlist.

Breakfast in bed table - Jysk

MAC pro longwear consiler NC20

Vichy Normaderm face cream Soin Hydratant anti-imperfectios global

John Steinbeck book "Travels with Charley. In search of America" (in estonian)

Black basic umbrella from H&M



Photo: Liisi Sepp

It`is been awhile since I made a bigger post here. I`m sorry for not posting enough. It`s been very busy time with university, work, traveling and big changes that are coming in my life. But now let`s fly back in time.

It was a warm day in september. All the trees were colourful, sun was shining and little warm wind played with our hair. Me and my friend Liisi decided to discover new magical place called Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna is an inhabited sea fortress built on six islands and which now forms part of the city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. You can get there by little ferrie. Trip from Helsinki will take about 15 minutes to get there. Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage site and popular with tourists and locals, who enjoy it as a picturesque picnic site.

It`s the most peaceful place I have ever seen in my life. I imagine myself there as old lady in my 60s walking with my Golden Retriever (that I plan to have in the future) over all this beautiful bridges. Just me and my future dog enjoying good weather and the pure nature that I have opportunity to see. Suomenlinna reminds me a bit of Viljandi, but on island and much more cozier. There is no public transport (expect ferries). We saw just a few cars and bicycles.

It`s the right place to think, dream, discover and just breath. We sit on the bridge. Sun caressed our cheeks and wind played with our hair. We heard waves and birds singing. We eat ice cream and felt so happy and carefree. I will remember this perfect moment forever.

I was just sitting and listening to waves. How waves hit the edge of rock and splashed high in the air. I enjoyed the moment and was so thanful for such good opportunity to simply enjoy life. 

Things to do in Suomenlinna:
  • Buy ice cream and sit on the bridge
  • Go to cozy Cafe Vanilla and play with cute cat
  • Grab some food from grocery shop and have a picnic
  • Go to the beach and look how waves hit the rocks
  • Walk through the Suomenlinna
  • Enjoy the museums
  • Visit the King`s Gate
  • Take a look at Suomenlinna church
  • Get lost in the mystery of catacombs
  • Enjoy your life and be thankful :)



It's heartbreaking how many people are crying tonight. This is just terrible what is happening in the world right now and especially in Paris. I'm afraid that World War III has started and I'm terrified about the place this world has become. I keep thinking that just a couple of weeks ago I was so happy in peaceful Paris. I enjoyed it so much. And I was texting my friends how wonderful leaving in Paris is. And now...I just don`t have words to describe how unsafe I feel right now. My sincere sympathy for the loss of the inhabitants of Paris.

When it all started my friend texted me saying "Do you know what`s happening in Paris right now?". I had no clue. I was already in bed prepared for sleeping. When I started reading news. I just could not believe my eyes. Immediately I texted my friend, who I was visiting in Paris. I was so worried. She lives just 15 kilometers away. She was safe. When I saw her text, you can`t imagine how big relieve it was. But her flatmates friend was killed that night. It`s just so terrifying. He worked hard, lived, loved, dreamed and now he is gone.

I hope that Europe will not try to answer to violence with violence. But I`m afraid it will. People still don`t learn from history. It`is so annoying that now I can`t invest my time and money into growing as a person. Into traveling, that makes my soul rich. Now I have to think about safety and not about possibilities. I can't decide what to do with my life, because I had to go with Erasmus student exchange program, but I`m just so afraid to travel right now. What you think should I go or not? Please I need your help.



Yesterday, at Mari-Liis birthday we watched movie "Everest". Even hours later I still had so much thoughts and still have, so I decided to write post. It will be kind of spoiler, so if you haven`t seen it yet and don`t want to know different things before it happens, go ahead and click on the little cross at the right in the corner.

Back to Everest. Interesting, why they choosed this story for movie. People were trying to get at the top of the Everest before and after this team. Okey, at the start of the movie were text, that it was first time when professionals took with them unprofessionals. And actually it was the worst decision. Cause those clients didn't really have this big reason to climb this mountain. Why you are climbing this mountain? A) cause I can, B) because of children. 

I think the main reason was pressure. Pressure to impress others. To do something outstanding with their life. It's impressive how much courage, perseverance and dedication they got. But at the same time this movie were about huge egoism. If you don't have family and nobody to care about, okay go ahead and climb one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. But if you have loveing family and baby coming, maybe it's not the most cleverest decision to climb mountain, where you might get dead and with unprofessionals you have to take care about risking with your own life? 

This movie made me think about humanity in the big term. Humans always want to conquer. We just can't sit and enjoy beautiful planet we are living at. We have beautiful high mountains, deep blue oceans, massive forests, canyon and so much more. But people just can't enjoy it. They have to place the damn flag at the top of the mountain, so everybody apreciates their power and courage. But after all, nature will always be stronger. I'm not saying that you have to just sit and do absolutely nothing with your life. Of course not. But there are things that are worth the risk and giving a try and others that not so much.

Another story was with Scott (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Doug (John Hawkes). Scott was kind of dead at the bottom of the mountain. But he felt pressure to climb this mountain, because of competition with others. He tried to leave the impression of strong man. We all do it time to time. When I started my journalistic journey, nobody believed that little girl from Kohtla-Järve with russian first language can write on the same level with talented estonian journalists. Nobody believed that I can pull my leg into fashion industry world, that are so closed for so many people. But I did both at the young age of 18. 

So I can say by my own experience, if you want something, work for it and achieve it. But all these coungures were made under pressure. I felt like people are watching and waiting for me to fail. But I wasn`t into makeing this pleasure for them. For years I have been merciless agains myself. After all I understood, that all I did I did for myself. I`m happy I didn't give up. But sometimes, after all the journey you find that, it looked so much better outside, than inside. And if one day you decide not to try anymore and decide to discover something different. It`s not the lose. Cause I already proved, that I can. It`s listening to your heart and finding your thing and your journey. Heart somehow knows, when it`s time to stop. So just listen to your heart, my dear reader. Just listen to your heart.

I liked this movie a lot. I have to admit that directors and makeup artist work were amazing. Also the camera work of course. If you haven`t seen it yet, you definitely should.

Have a nice day my loves. 



Photos: Liisi Sepp

My 21 birthday started like pure hell. It was rainy and windy. I was late to St.Patrick`s place and transport didn't come at the right time. But at the end I saw all my sweethearts and it got so much better.

We spent time in St.Patrick just eating, drinking and talking. After with K we went to cinema, to take a look at the movie "We Are Your Friends". Can`t say it`s my fav, but it was okay and it made us wish for big party. Remained a bit of Weekend vibe to me. 

After we went to the Gustav Cafe in Solaris. I had my most fav Spice Chai and a big slice of chocolate cherry cake. Mmm just delicious. Totally recommend this place.

In the morning while picking out my outfit and doing makeup I started thinking about life so far. And here are the lessons I learned.

In september I turned 21. Amazing number. I am young and opened for different discoveries. I don't have boundaries. I search for myself. Try to figure out what is true love, friendship, family and happiness. I dream, discover, grow, get hurt, stand up and try again. I learn from failures and consider mistakes as important lessons. I love my life and never stop falling for it every single morning. I'm excited for everything that are coming my way. No matter is it good or bad. My glass will always be half full. Today I'm happy.

At the age of 21 I finally understood, that not all people are ment to stay. I found real friends, who support me no matter what. I found my people. Lately we all have been through big changes, that rocked our boat a bit, but I'm happy that our friendship still survived and we're still together. I was truely happy to share this geourgeous moment with you my loves. I don't know how I earned such fortune, but I'm defenetly one lucky girl. THANK YOU

I have most wonderful colleagues, who bring sunflowers. Thanks :)

P.S If you think why the hell is she writing in english? I promised to myself to start doing it, cause I have so many friends who don`t understand estonian, but all of my friends understand english, so I decided to try. I can`t promise that I will always write in english since now, but I will try to translate or something. Will see ;)

Have a nice day my dears. :)



Mõned teist ehk juba teavad, et sellel suvel olin taas suvereporter Õhtulehes. Mis teha, ei saa ma kuidagi ilma selle vahva seltskonnata. Ilusa punkti selle suve reporteri tööle panid Õhtulehe suvepäevad, mis toimusid Naissaarel. Täitsa piinlik kohe tunnistada, aga olen rännanud küll Barcelonas, Tšehhis, Austrias, Slovakkias, Amsterdamis ja mujal välismaal, aga Eestimaa kauneid saari polnud siiani kordagi avastanud. Õnneks nüüd parandasin selle suure vea. 

Naissaare puhkus oli täpselt mida vajasin. Ilus ilm, toredad inimesed, maitsev toit, kuum saun, soe tünn, südamlikud laulud südaööni ja palju naeru. Mul tohutult vedas seltskonnaga. Aitäh Elen, Carina, Risto ja Maria, et muutsite iga Naissaarel veedetud hetke topelt rõõmsamaks.

Naissaarel on tohutult kaunis rand ja vesi on täiesti läbipaistev. Laine muutis huvitavalt värvi sinisest-briljantroheliseks-valgeks vahuks- läbipaistvaks. Sealsel rahul, vaikusel ja mere kohinal on seletamatult hüpnotiseeriv jõud. Vahel lihtsalt saad sõnadeta aru, et see ongi see õige koht.

Talvel elab Naissaarel 2-3 inimest. Saarel toodetakse elektrit päikesepaneelide abil. Kohale saab sõita Monica nimelise reisilaevaga või nagu meie sõitsime Lulu purjekaga. Saarele tegime ringi peale kastiautodega ja pisikese rongiga sõites. Kõvast pingist kandiliseks muutunud pepu ja vingugaasi uinutavad pahmakad viisid meid kindlapeale mugavustsoonist välja, aga sõit oli sellegipoolest vahva. 
Kirsiks tordil oli mu pisikese unistuse täitumine. Olen alati tahtnud ATV-ga sõita ja Risto täitis mu väikese soovi. Vahel teevad pisikesed heateod teise inimese nii õnnelikuks. Aitäh!

Kes pole veel seda rahuliku saart avastanud ja sooviks korraks põgeneda Tallinna kärast, siis soovitan südamest Naissaarele minekut. Kindlasti tahan sinna tagasi naasta.

Olge tublid!



Kõik, mis juhtub, juhtub põhjusega. Mida rohkem sattun erinevatesse projektidesse (ja ka moeshow`de backstage`i jne) seda paremini mõistan, kui toredad inimesed mind tegelikult ümbritsevad. Augustis esitles andekas moelooja ja blogija Birgit Kool oma uut kollektsiooni“Reptile”. Birgiti enda sõnul peegeldab rohekas, must, valge Reptile” kollektsioon tema rahulikumat poolt. Muidu on andekas neiu auhindu kokku kuhjanud eelkõige tänu oma eelnevatele väga edge`idele kollektsioonidele. Sellel korral tuli ta hoopis märksa kantavama loominguga vaatajate silme ette. Tubli töö!

Mul on hea meel, et sain abiks olla jumestajana. Enam-vähem kolmekesi jumestasime 20 modelli. Olen vahepeal juba täitsa hakkanud igatsema seda moeshow`de adrenaliini, kui sul on nii kiire, et sa ei jõua tundide kaupa juua, süüa ega istuda ning aina jumestad. Päev oli äärmisel palav ning meik aina tahtis minema voolata, kuid me hoidsime kätt pulsil.Näitan ka teile Jörgen Norkroosi klõpsutatud pilte. Kahjuks kõikidest modellidest, kellele meiki tegin pilte pole. Näitan neid tüdrukuid, kellele oli au meiki teha. 

Kogu seltskond oli kirev, aga väga tore. Modellide seas oli mitmeid „Eesti Tippmodelli“ saate osalejaid. Tippmodelli saate teise hooaja võitjale Sandrale meiki tehes, sain natuke ka tema modellitööst Türgis teada. Mulle meeldib, et moeshow`del juhtun kokku täiesti ootamatute inimestega, saan teada midagi uut ja paned enda jumestaja oskused proovile. Lisaks tüdrukutele tegin ka kaunile Birgitile kiire meigi moeshow eelse kaose keskel. Vaatamata tohutult palavale ilmale oli väga vahva. Aitäh Birgit, et mu kampa võtsid ja kohtume peagi Pariisis ;)

Fotod: Jörgen Norkroos Cine-photography
Looming: Design by Birgit Kool
Meik: Margarita Gavrilova

Reporter tegi kollektsioonist lugu, mida saate vaadata SIIT

Catwalk`i lugu saad lugeda SIIT

Olge tublid!


Mu lennuk väljus kell 15 Hispaania aja järgi. Ma ärkasin kell 8, et natukene veel päevitada, kohvrit pakkida, pesus käia ja sõita pikk maa maha lennujaamani ning duty-free`st läbi põigata.

Kui küsida, kuidas ma iseloomustaks meie reisi, siis vastan, et see oli U-S-K-U-M-A-T-U. Barcelonas kohtusid Las Vegas Amsterdamiga. Just vibe`i mõttes. Mitmel korral olin sõnatu, hingetu ja lihtsalt hämmastunud. Ma ei suutnud ikka uskuda, et see kõik toimub minuga. Vahel tahtsin end näpistada, et veenduda, et see ongi päriselt minu elu.  

Meie motoks oli Carpe diem, mis tõlkes tähendab haara hetkest või kasuta päeva. Meie kolm juba haarasime hetkest nagu oskasime. Vägitegusid piinlike, lolle, naljakaid, rõõmsaid, hulljulgeid jätkuks mitme lehe pikkuse nimekirja jaoks. Need on seigad, millest ei julgeks isegi vanaemana lapselapsele oh-kui-vanaema-oli-noor jutuajamiste ajal rääkida. Need on seigad, mille üle me kolmekesi naerame ka aastate pärast. Need on seigad, mis lasevad meil ennast paremini tundma õppida. Need on seigad, mis sunnivad meid taaskord reisidele minema. Kõiki neid seiku võtab üldistavalt kokku sõna VABADUS. Vaid vabaduses saad teada, kes sa oled, kuhu sa kuulud ning mida sa tahad. Rusuvad ühiskonna piirangud nii kirjalikud, kui kirjutamata ei lase ealeski sul seda teha kodumaal.

Enne koju tagasi pöördumist pidin ma lahendama ühe küsimärgilise asja. Eelneval päeval enne purskkaevudeni jõudmist suutsin ma enda arust lahti harutada ühe rusuva müsteeriumi. Tähendab, siis ma arvasin, et lahendasin selle. Mida aeg edasi, seda rohkem sai mulle selgeks, et tegelikult oli see hoopis salakaval lõks, mis pidi mind veel rohkem segadusse ajama. Kogu reisi olin ma segaduses. Päevast päeva. Ühelt poolt toimus nii palju ägedaid ja emotsionaalseid sündmusi, et minu emotsionaalne karahvin täienes imelise kiirusega.  Samas hinges rususid kool, kaotatud töö ja lahedamata müsteerium. Ma vajasin vastuseid ja päev enne kodumaale naasmist, julgesin neid ka küsida. Vastused olid ootamatud. Nii suurt hulka kärbseid pole mulle veel pähe ajatud. Siis ma veel seda ei teadnud. 

Olen alati püüdnud kõigest väest teha kõike õigesti. Varem või hiljem anda inimestele, kes mulle haiget tegid andeks. Püüdsin olla võimalikult täiuslik ning õppida õpetundidest. Isegi, kui su süda murtakse, jääd sa ellu ning õpetunni võrra targemana sammud edasi. „Never a failure, always a lesson.“ Aja möödudes näen paremat perspektiivi ja kirja pandud sõnad on selgemad. Tuleb usaldada oma sisetunnet ja järgneda sellele. Selles tasakaalutus tasakaalus peitubki elu mõte. 

Kokkuvõttes oli reis väga lahe, aga tagasi naasta ma ilmselt ei tahaks. Ma ei tea, kas asi oli pikkades vahemaades, rusuvas müsteeriumis, Eestist meilitsi tulnud uudistes või emotsionaalses tühjenemises, aga koju naastes ma ei tundnud midagi. Ma ei igatsenud pidudest pungil kärarohket Barcelonat. Mul oli ääretult hea meel, et seal ära käisin ja oma kauaaegse unistuse teoks tegin. Samas olin õnnelik, et sain jälle näha oma parimaid sõpru ja rääkida nendele oma seiklustest. Mul oli mõnus olla kodus, kus kõik oli selge. Kus mind ümbritsevad armsad ja hoolivad inimesed. Mul oli hea meel jätta kõik kahepalgelised intriigid seljataha ja targemana naasta koju. Naeratus näol, jätkan mina oma eluteed.

Olge tublid!