It's heartbreaking how many people are crying tonight. This is just terrible what is happening in the world right now and especially in Paris. I'm afraid that World War III has started and I'm terrified about the place this world has become. I keep thinking that just a couple of weeks ago I was so happy in peaceful Paris. I enjoyed it so much. And I was texting my friends how wonderful leaving in Paris is. And now...I just don`t have words to describe how unsafe I feel right now. My sincere sympathy for the loss of the inhabitants of Paris.

When it all started my friend texted me saying "Do you know what`s happening in Paris right now?". I had no clue. I was already in bed prepared for sleeping. When I started reading news. I just could not believe my eyes. Immediately I texted my friend, who I was visiting in Paris. I was so worried. She lives just 15 kilometers away. She was safe. When I saw her text, you can`t imagine how big relieve it was. But her flatmates friend was killed that night. It`s just so terrifying. He worked hard, lived, loved, dreamed and now he is gone.

I hope that Europe will not try to answer to violence with violence. But I`m afraid it will. People still don`t learn from history. It`is so annoying that now I can`t invest my time and money into growing as a person. Into traveling, that makes my soul rich. Now I have to think about safety and not about possibilities. I can't decide what to do with my life, because I had to go with Erasmus student exchange program, but I`m just so afraid to travel right now. What you think should I go or not? Please I need your help.

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  1. Kui sa Süüriasse ei lähe erasmusega on kõik ok

    1. Sihtkohaks oli Belgia, Brüssel. Arvestades asjaolusid tunduv hirmutav :(