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My 21 birthday started like pure hell. It was rainy and windy. I was late to St.Patrick`s place and transport didn't come at the right time. But at the end I saw all my sweethearts and it got so much better.

We spent time in St.Patrick just eating, drinking and talking. After with K we went to cinema, to take a look at the movie "We Are Your Friends". Can`t say it`s my fav, but it was okay and it made us wish for big party. Remained a bit of Weekend vibe to me. 

After we went to the Gustav Cafe in Solaris. I had my most fav Spice Chai and a big slice of chocolate cherry cake. Mmm just delicious. Totally recommend this place.

In the morning while picking out my outfit and doing makeup I started thinking about life so far. And here are the lessons I learned.

In september I turned 21. Amazing number. I am young and opened for different discoveries. I don't have boundaries. I search for myself. Try to figure out what is true love, friendship, family and happiness. I dream, discover, grow, get hurt, stand up and try again. I learn from failures and consider mistakes as important lessons. I love my life and never stop falling for it every single morning. I'm excited for everything that are coming my way. No matter is it good or bad. My glass will always be half full. Today I'm happy.

At the age of 21 I finally understood, that not all people are ment to stay. I found real friends, who support me no matter what. I found my people. Lately we all have been through big changes, that rocked our boat a bit, but I'm happy that our friendship still survived and we're still together. I was truely happy to share this geourgeous moment with you my loves. I don't know how I earned such fortune, but I'm defenetly one lucky girl. THANK YOU

I have most wonderful colleagues, who bring sunflowers. Thanks :)

P.S If you think why the hell is she writing in english? I promised to myself to start doing it, cause I have so many friends who don`t understand estonian, but all of my friends understand english, so I decided to try. I can`t promise that I will always write in english since now, but I will try to translate or something. Will see ;)

Have a nice day my dears. :)

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