Model: Elina

It's a real blessing to be doing the job that you like. And I`m happy to say that I love my job. Just saw the results of the last photoshoot at the modelling school and I just can't describe how proud i am right now. Months ago when I suggested to do the very minimalistic tumblr-like photoshoot, I wasn't expecting such excellent results. Well, my fingers were crossed the whole time, but still it was a risk, because such photoshoots need a lot of modelling skills. But we did it. 

I love my Er-Models family and all my students. With my colleague we had fun while styling these students` looks. In my case it was such a pleasure to give advice not only on style, but also on makeup and posing. What a magical surprise at the ending of 2015. I think one of my goals this year was my job and my lovely students.

Model: Sandra
Photo: Oksana Truktanova
Style: Karina Lange and Margarita Gavrilova
Make-up advise: Margarita Gavrilova

Model: Elizaveta

Model: Alan

Model: Alisa

Model: Sofja

Model: Elizaveta

Model: Anna-Eva

Model: Elina

Model: Mari-Liis

Model: Eva

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