Yesterday, at Mari-Liis birthday we watched movie "Everest". Even hours later I still had so much thoughts and still have, so I decided to write post. It will be kind of spoiler, so if you haven`t seen it yet and don`t want to know different things before it happens, go ahead and click on the little cross at the right in the corner.

Back to Everest. Interesting, why they choosed this story for movie. People were trying to get at the top of the Everest before and after this team. Okey, at the start of the movie were text, that it was first time when professionals took with them unprofessionals. And actually it was the worst decision. Cause those clients didn't really have this big reason to climb this mountain. Why you are climbing this mountain? A) cause I can, B) because of children. 

I think the main reason was pressure. Pressure to impress others. To do something outstanding with their life. It's impressive how much courage, perseverance and dedication they got. But at the same time this movie were about huge egoism. If you don't have family and nobody to care about, okay go ahead and climb one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. But if you have loveing family and baby coming, maybe it's not the most cleverest decision to climb mountain, where you might get dead and with unprofessionals you have to take care about risking with your own life? 

This movie made me think about humanity in the big term. Humans always want to conquer. We just can't sit and enjoy beautiful planet we are living at. We have beautiful high mountains, deep blue oceans, massive forests, canyon and so much more. But people just can't enjoy it. They have to place the damn flag at the top of the mountain, so everybody apreciates their power and courage. But after all, nature will always be stronger. I'm not saying that you have to just sit and do absolutely nothing with your life. Of course not. But there are things that are worth the risk and giving a try and others that not so much.

Another story was with Scott (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Doug (John Hawkes). Scott was kind of dead at the bottom of the mountain. But he felt pressure to climb this mountain, because of competition with others. He tried to leave the impression of strong man. We all do it time to time. When I started my journalistic journey, nobody believed that little girl from Kohtla-Järve with russian first language can write on the same level with talented estonian journalists. Nobody believed that I can pull my leg into fashion industry world, that are so closed for so many people. But I did both at the young age of 18. 

So I can say by my own experience, if you want something, work for it and achieve it. But all these coungures were made under pressure. I felt like people are watching and waiting for me to fail. But I wasn`t into makeing this pleasure for them. For years I have been merciless agains myself. After all I understood, that all I did I did for myself. I`m happy I didn't give up. But sometimes, after all the journey you find that, it looked so much better outside, than inside. And if one day you decide not to try anymore and decide to discover something different. It`s not the lose. Cause I already proved, that I can. It`s listening to your heart and finding your thing and your journey. Heart somehow knows, when it`s time to stop. So just listen to your heart, my dear reader. Just listen to your heart.

I liked this movie a lot. I have to admit that directors and makeup artist work were amazing. Also the camera work of course. If you haven`t seen it yet, you definitely should.

Have a nice day my loves.