It's been a really tough year. I had to handle so many life changing and difficult situations. I feel like I grow the most this year. Cause every failure is a lesson. But on the other hand this year was full of adventures, traveling and love. I'm very thankful to all amazing people around me. They supported me in bad and good days. I'm really blessed and thankful. Hopefully next year will be more chill and successful. Wishing to all of you magical end of 2015 year and happy new 2016 year. Love you 



Model: Elina

It's a real blessing to be doing the job that you like. And I`m happy to say that I love my job. Just saw the results of the last photoshoot at the modelling school and I just can't describe how proud i am right now. Months ago when I suggested to do the very minimalistic tumblr-like photoshoot, I wasn't expecting such excellent results. Well, my fingers were crossed the whole time, but still it was a risk, because such photoshoots need a lot of modelling skills. But we did it. 

I love my Er-Models family and all my students. With my colleague we had fun while styling these students` looks. In my case it was such a pleasure to give advice not only on style, but also on makeup and posing. What a magical surprise at the ending of 2015. I think one of my goals this year was my job and my lovely students.

Model: Sandra
Photo: Oksana Truktanova
Style: Karina Lange and Margarita Gavrilova
Make-up advise: Margarita Gavrilova

Model: Elizaveta

Model: Alan

Model: Alisa

Model: Sofja

Model: Elizaveta

Model: Anna-Eva

Model: Elina

Model: Mari-Liis

Model: Eva


MTA - ühe OÜ lugu (NÖÖK)

Finally it's up!!!

Can't believe my eyes. One amazing team filmed a sketch year ago and I had a chance to do the make-up for the cast. It`s was such a pleasure to work with you guys. Team is so professional and the chill family kind of vibe was always in the air. Sad, that I couldn't join on the 2nd day of filming, but I still appreciate first days experience. 

You can see the make-up I did till the 03:50.




The bigger I grow, the more I really understand, that things I really want for christmas can`t be bought with money. I want white and frosty snow, amazing people I love the most around me, yummy food, fire in the fireplace and a good book and just a lot of cuddles. This year was one of the hardest, but now everything seems to be  slowly going into place.

Not gonna lie, I still have some present ideas on my mind. Now I`ll list the things I want to get as a christmas present. Maybe it will give some inspiration to you my dear viewers, when you are writing down your own wishlist.

Breakfast in bed table - Jysk

MAC pro longwear consiler NC20

Vichy Normaderm face cream Soin Hydratant anti-imperfectios global

John Steinbeck book "Travels with Charley. In search of America" (in estonian)

Black basic umbrella from H&M