The bigger I grow, the more I really understand, that things I really want for christmas can`t be bought with money. I want white and frosty snow, amazing people I love the most around me, yummy food, fire in the fireplace and a good book and just a lot of cuddles. This year was one of the hardest, but now everything seems to be  slowly going into place.

Not gonna lie, I still have some present ideas on my mind. Now I`ll list the things I want to get as a christmas present. Maybe it will give some inspiration to you my dear viewers, when you are writing down your own wishlist.

Breakfast in bed table - Jysk

MAC pro longwear consiler NC20

Vichy Normaderm face cream Soin Hydratant anti-imperfectios global

John Steinbeck book "Travels with Charley. In search of America" (in estonian)

Black basic umbrella from H&M

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