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It`is been awhile since I made a bigger post here. I`m sorry for not posting enough. It`s been very busy time with university, work, traveling and big changes that are coming in my life. But now let`s fly back in time.

It was a warm day in september. All the trees were colourful, sun was shining and little warm wind played with our hair. Me and my friend Liisi decided to discover new magical place called Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna is an inhabited sea fortress built on six islands and which now forms part of the city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. You can get there by little ferrie. Trip from Helsinki will take about 15 minutes to get there. Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage site and popular with tourists and locals, who enjoy it as a picturesque picnic site.

It`s the most peaceful place I have ever seen in my life. I imagine myself there as old lady in my 60s walking with my Golden Retriever (that I plan to have in the future) over all this beautiful bridges. Just me and my future dog enjoying good weather and the pure nature that I have opportunity to see. Suomenlinna reminds me a bit of Viljandi, but on island and much more cozier. There is no public transport (expect ferries). We saw just a few cars and bicycles.

It`s the right place to think, dream, discover and just breath. We sit on the bridge. Sun caressed our cheeks and wind played with our hair. We heard waves and birds singing. We eat ice cream and felt so happy and carefree. I will remember this perfect moment forever.

I was just sitting and listening to waves. How waves hit the edge of rock and splashed high in the air. I enjoyed the moment and was so thanful for such good opportunity to simply enjoy life. 

Things to do in Suomenlinna:
  • Buy ice cream and sit on the bridge
  • Go to cozy Cafe Vanilla and play with cute cat
  • Grab some food from grocery shop and have a picnic
  • Go to the beach and look how waves hit the rocks
  • Walk through the Suomenlinna
  • Enjoy the museums
  • Visit the King`s Gate
  • Take a look at Suomenlinna church
  • Get lost in the mystery of catacombs
  • Enjoy your life and be thankful :)

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