Let`s be happy

Minu maailm laguneb praegu. Nii turvalisse, rahulikku ning lõpuks ometigi õnnelikku ellu tulid praod. Murede laviin pole ikka veel hoogu maha võtnud. Leidsin ühe Soome blogija blogist järgmise postituse (mariannan.costume.fi). Minu meelest on olulised laused väga ladusalt kirja pandud. Võib-olla suudab see väike postitus turgutada kedagi, kellel on samuti praegu raske. Minu käsi ulatub juba hea raamatu järele ning loodan, et üsna peagi pääsen suvilasse, kus pole interneti, aga on meeliülendav loodus.

Fotod: Margarita Gavrilova

Don’t let anything or anyone get inside your head, make you feel less than amazing. Shit happens. The most important relationship you will ever have, you have with yourself. Learn to be alone and love yourself. Don’t be your own enemy, speak to yourself with love. Don’t let others hurt you or make you feel less worthy. If someone does, cut them out. Life is not a competition. Life is about being happy. Do what feels right. You can choose happiness every day, every moment. The childhood “bullying” between girls continues maybe forever and might transform just into something else, just make sure to be 100% real yourself, no being two-faced and talking shit about others for no reason. You don’t owe anything to anyone. Learn to sometimes just close your eyes from the bad, be the right kind of blue-eyed stupid funny girl that believes in the good, walk away, tug your fingers in your ears and go “nanana I don’t hear you” when negativity is around you. Or anything that annoys you. People who think too much about money and business. People who think materialistic things bring you happiness. People who only think how their lives look on the outside, not how they feel on the inside.

Change your heels into rubber boots and wash away the makeup when you feel like wanting to escape to the countryside and you can’t, put a smile on your face and go outside. Take a book and walk somewhere where it’s pretty and quiet, just enjoy that moment, enjoy being alive. There’s nothing better than real life, imperfection, honesty, real people, flaws that make life pretty, humbleness and real kindness. There are so many things to be happy about, so many things to be grateful for, tiny little beautiful things everywhere if you just open your eyes and let your mind be free. Free from all the bad. How relieving it is to realize, that you are the queen of your own life, you can let go of the bad. Do a favor for yourself, today and every moment from now on. No dwelling in the past, what’s done is done and got you here to this moment, what matters is what you do from now on. What you tell to yourself everyday. I’m telling it’ll be a good fantastic day, I’m feeling good and free. Some light Sunday thoughts. Hope you are having an amazing day, do me a favor and wear a big smile on your face and enjoy whatever you do! Be kind to yourselves and don’t apologize to anyone for being you. Carpe the hell out of this diem!

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