A couple of days ago life seemed so peaceful and figured out. Now I feel like a hot mess. Scared and confused. I don`t know if decision I made today would be right tomorrow. Right now I don`t feel these perfect peace like last friday. When I finished high school I knew exactly who I want to be, where I want to live and what I want to do. Right now I don`t know a thing. "More I know, more I don`t know." 

What I should be doing? Packing things for moving out. What I really do? I try to find peace in this chaos. I`m trying to enjoy my last late breakfast in this little home. In the place where so many good memories took place. I lived here a little life. This home has heard so much laughter, tears and seen the joy. I know I will make new memories in the new place, but all unknown is scary. I know ignoring reality isn't the right thing to do, but don`t judge me. I just want to say goodbye to my lovely home. So I just hope everything will turn out okay. Cause everything happens for a reason.

Pic from my Instagram: Marggav

Song: Everyone's Got Something By Perrin Lamb

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