Unpublished Rotermann block pics: make up

Photos: Marianne Ubaleht

Do you remember photoshoot with lovely Marianne in Rotermann? (Check HERE) Some pictures are still unpublished, so I decided to change that. In this post I will talk about my make up. What can I say, I`m totally in love with red lips. Opportunity to use the Dior lipstick makes me fallin in love even more. Dior lipstick is of course so, so good. I recommend all products, that I have used for this look.

Kas mäletate ägedat fotoshooti, mille tegime koos Mariannega Rotermannis? (Meenuta SIIT) Mitmed pildid jäid siis postitamata, aga nüüd otsustasin ma korvata selle vajaka jäämise. Selles postituses keskendun meigile. What can I say, uuel hooajal olen ma täiesti armunud looki, mida ehtivad punased huuled. Seda enam, kui tulipunast särtsakust lisab Diori huulepulk, mis on oh kui hea. Soovitan kõiki tooteid soojalt.

Eyeshadows - Avon true colour eyeshadow „Berry love“ nr. 1 and nr.3 + „Urban Skyline“ nr.4
Eyeliner - Gold Relouis (from random shop called „Cosmetics“, but this eyeliner is my all time favorite)
Mascara – Pupa Vamp! Black nr.100
Lipstick – Dior Rouge in Blazing Red
Lip pencil – Bellaoggi Italia nr.06
Concealers pallet – (Random from Ebay nr.4 and nr.14)
Foundation – Bourjois Paris „Healthy Mix“ nr.53
Bronzing powder – Manhattan Natural Bronzing Powder
Hightlight – MAC pigment colour powder A24 „Melon“

Olge tublid!

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