Parim iluabiline - vaseliin

Leidsin toreda ja õpetliku loo ajakirja Marie Claire veebist. Mitmeid nimetatud nippidest olen ka ise kasutanud ja võin kindlalt öelda, et need toimivad.

Visake pilk peale originaal loole SIIT

Lühidalt siis: 

Perfect Brows
Apply to the eyebrows to hold hairs in place.

 Lip Scrub
Once a week, mix Vaseline with sugar to create an exfoliator for your lips.

 Lip Balm
Use it as a balm to soften, moisturize, and condition your lips.

 Incredibly Soft HandsApply a generous amount to your hands and then put on white cotton gloves (you can buy these at any drugstore). You’ll wake up with super soft hands. This is a great trick to use in the winter when hands tend to be more chapped.

 Prevent Lipstick on Teeth
Apply Vaseline to your front teeth to prevent lipstick from transferring on to your pearly whites during application.

Wet Eye
Swipe across the lid for a clear glossy look on its own, or add shadow on top for extra staying power.

Softer Than a Pedicure
Apply a generous amount to your feet and then put socks over them before bed to wake up to incredibly soft feet.

Cream Blush
Turn any powder blush into a cream by swirling in a dab of Vaseline.

Use this as a highlighter on top of your regular lotion. Apply up your shin bone to create slimmer looking legs in photos.

Nail Polish Saver
Use Vaseline under the cap on nail polish bottles to prevent them from gluing shut.

 Perfume Staying Power
Apply it to where you spray perfume to make the scent last longer.

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